21 January 2006

Locked-In Part 2

(This post is a direct continuation of yesterday's post)

In the last post, I was locked in my own room by David, my roommate. I had threatened to vandalize his belongings if he doesn't come and let me out that instant. And he did - 10 minutes later.

I knew the door had been unlocked but I wondered why he didn't come in and check on me. I had already planned to take a shower so I got my toiletries and headed out. When I opened the door, no one was there. I knew he had ran away. That was the last thing I expected him to do. I didn't realize how much of a coward he was until that moment. Obviously he knew he was guilty, but I assumed he would at least try to apologize.

But he didn't. He ran away in hopes I wouldn't catch him.

Feeling even more disappointed in my roommate whom I thought I knew so well, I went and took my shower. I still couldn't decide how to confront him later when I see him. My choices basically were - stand close to him, look straight into his eyes, and say, "Don't ever do that again." or ignore him and give him the cold shoulder. I really wanted to do the first one because it would be the most effective but as I said, I had terrible acting skills. Especially when it comes to showing my anger, I am reluctant to let out my Dark Side. I have often been teased for my calmness. Really.

So in the end I gave him the silent treatment. I didn't speak to him when he came back. But after attending the Buddhist Society chanting session, I felt happy enough to chat again. There really is no use in holding a grudge against him, because I have acquired the greatest weapon of all - the right to call him a coward for running away.

Therefore, yes, I can respond to pranks, but even great pranksters like David crumble when I do my thing ;)

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