03 November 2005


I'm so traumatised right now I can hardly write coherently. My house is infested with termites and I helped Dad clean out one of their major hubs - the TV rack. Our hard wood TV rack in the living room is literally eaten inside out. Not a single drawer has been spared and Dad has decided today was the day we exterminate them.

Of course, we both know termite colonies don't just exist in one place. They are in the floorboards along the wall, and probably in some parts of the parquet flooring upstairs. I suggested we consult professional exterminators, but in his professional opinion as someone in the housing industry, it wouldn't help much. And those professionals sure don't come cheap.

Anyway, we had to remove the whole cabinet outside. The top has been weakened so we could not lift it - we had to push it out. Once we brought it out we started removing the items inside. That's when the carnage started. Armed with our weapons of mass destruction (Fumakilla H20 aerosol insecticide), we sprayed those ugly worker termites. I felt pretty disgusted - having to kill thousands of insects - but I knew I had no other choice. It was kill or have all our wooden furniture be eaten.

We started this morning at 9-ish and didn't finish clearing the mess up until now. I'm not sure where else the termites have occupied, but I don't really wanna know for now. I can only hope my karmic retribution for today's massacre will pass over quickly. And after seeing how much trouble a few million termites can cause me, I vow to use mostly steel furniture in my future home. Sure, it's probably bad feng shui, but having your wooden furniture destroyed ain't exactly great feng shui either.

Here's a couple of photos showing the destruction:

Introducing my revamped and updated living room:

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