25 November 2005

Christmas is Here!

OK, maybe not. But for me it has!

Since I was in my mid-teens, Christmas has only meant one thing - The Great Guardian Sale! Guardian, Malaysia's largest chain of pharmacies organizes a month long sale from today till the end of 2005. What makes Guardian's sale more anticipated than others is that they include a full-colour catalogue in every major newspaper. So it is always a pleasure to open up your copy of the newspaper one day and discover the joyful little book sandwiched between tales of rape, robbery, and embezzlement.

I got my copy today (as if that wasn't obvious enough) and I've already picked out a few must-buy items:
  • Hair colorant: Haven't decided on which brand yet, but Gatsby's (RM18.88) seem nice enough

  • Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash 1000ml + 200ml + Body Lotion 50ml (RM69.88): Sure, 1200ml of facial wash will last me a few years beyond graduation, but it still has the lowest price per ml, and that's all that matters

  • Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel 50g x2 (RM6.48): I know how beneficial aloe vera gel is, but I am too lazy to extract the gel from my own aloe vera plants. So I plan to have this as a quick facial moisturizer instead of using those oily concoctions made by other companies

  • Durex Christmas Pack (Play Lubricant 100ml + Love Condom 3s) (RM17.88): Just kidding! It would have been fun to have, but completely useless to me right now. Maybe next year
Surprisingly, that's it. Just 3 items (excluding the condoms)! I remembered a few years back when I would gasp with delight every 2 pages. But this year seems so dull and rudimentary. Even the Men's section seem non-existant. What has changed? Me or Guardian?

I think the answer lies with both of us. Since being able to drive, I have exposed myself to
so many products and sales that I have become numb, and this is just another sale to me. I think Guardian is largely to blame as well. With the success of their Christmas sale, they have begun organizing mini week-long sales every month. Obviously this is a serious case of milking a cow for what it's worth. So bad, in fact, that consumers have become numb to it.

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