21 November 2005

Jay Can't Act

I'm so gonna get butchered for this post, but I must say it for those who dare not - Jay Chou cannot act!

I (finally) watched the Hong Kong production of Initial D starring every adolescent girl's favourite Taiwanese. Although I was one of the first guys in hostel to download the bootleg copy of the show, I'm also one of the last to watch it. My hesitation stemmed from the fact that I have not watched the original anime. Plus I don't have much interest in cars/racing/modifications. But I finally pulled myself to make an appointment amid my busy schedule of doing nothing. And I'm proud to say that I made it through the whole movie with minimal emotional scarring.

Seriously, I like Jay Chou's songs (his latest - November's Chopin is commendable) although I do not get what he sings, with my limited Mandarin and all. I have great respect for Jay as a singer, songwriter, and composer, but not as an actor. I still don't understand why he was cast as Takumi, the shy boy by day, road devil by night. I think Edison Chen would have made a better choice as he also has the boyish features and mata sepet.

His acting is as inspiring as a carrot. Hey Jay! The director asked you to act shy, not doped out on Prozac! His expressions are so deadpan he should be given the title of Most Consistent Expression of the Year. Even when showing off his trophy, he is only capable of the I-want-to-smile-but-my-Botox-won't-allow-it expression:

I cringe everytime he has to talk or show any emotion, as in the following examples from Initial D:
  • Whenever he talks, it sounds as if he's bored and disinterested, not shy/withdrawn.

  • His scenes with Anne Suzuki are the worst. I can't really buy the whole romantic set up. In fact, it was so bad that during one of their scenes I actually avoided watching it by going for a pee.

  • At one moment after having his first kiss (and probably his first premature ejaculation too), Takumi had to appear love sick. I think Jay prepared for the role by consuming 5 bottles of codein cough syrup.

  • In the final scene where he cried, he definitely needs more eye drops.

If Initial D 2 is made (and I suspect that it will), I still haven't decided if I would want to suffer through it. Would you?

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