24 November 2005

2 Minute Gratification

Barely 5 years ago, you were limited to 3 main brands when you wanted to buy instant noodles - namely Maggi, Mamee, Cintan (and some say IndoMie). Go to any fairly large convenient shop today and you'll be deluged with more than 15 brands! New local brands like E-Zee and plenty of imported noodles from Thailand, China, and Indonesia now fill up our supermarket aisles.

I get a headache choosing brands and flavours because I am very adventurous when it comes to food - willing to try anything once. Of course, some readers might debate as to how different instant noodles can be from one flavour to the next. But I have tasted some that surpass all others due to a few choice seasonings. Unfortunately that particular brand is no longer available, so I'm actively looking for the Next Best Thing.

Any suggestions?

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