06 November 2005

Tai Chi Master

Introducing to you, the grand master of all tai chi proponents, George W. Bush!

He is especially skilled in the modern art of Crouching Answer, Hidden Agenda. Take this excellent move from the Master, for example (excerpt from the President's remarks):

Hi, Mr. President. Thank you. Did Karl Rove tell you the truth about his role in the CIA leak case? And do you owe the American people an apology for your administration's assertations that Karl Rove and Scooter Libby weren't involved?

We're going through a very serious investigation. And I will -- have told you before that I'm not going to discuss the investigation until it's completed. And we have got a -- my obligation is to set an agenda, and I've done that. And the agenda is fighting and winning the war on terror, and keeping the economic vitality and growth alive, dealing with the energy problem, nominating people to the Supreme Court that adhere to the philosophy that I can depend on -- Judge Alito being such a person. I noticed today that they've got a date. I'm disappointed in the date, but happy they do have a firm date for his confirmation hearing. We've got to recover from the hurricanes. So I've got a lot to do, and will continue to focus on the people's business.

If this was an English comprehension test and I were to ask you, "What were the President's comments on the question asked?", would you be able to find the answer?

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