22 November 2005

It Fits!

We've experienced it some time or another: We go to the shopping mall and spot a fantastic shirt or top. We try it on but find that it is a bit too small or tight. But before we put it back onto the rack, we hesitate. We look at the shirt a little longer. "It's so pretty," we think. We start fantasizing about how great we'd look if it fits us, and we might even try it on again. Then we finally buy the shirt with several illogical reasons like - "I'll get thinner soon"/"It'll loosen up once I wash it"/"It looks so fantastic no one is gonna care about my bulging spare tyre".

And then once the shirt goes home, it stays home. We never dared to wear it out due to shame, and we keep asking ourselves, "WHY did I buy it in the first place?"

I've had a couple of those happen to me several years back. The tight-fitting shirt has been kept in the closet for many years now. I never got thinner through all those years, and the shirt never got bigger. But over the past year I have lost quite a lot of weight, and out of sheer curiosity, I pulled out a shirt that was so old I don't remember when I bought it. With a deep breath I slipped it on, and Voila!


Sure it could have looked better with better defined arms and a 6-pack torso, but for now, the shirt gives people the illusion that I have those. And that's pretty fine and dandy, thank you.

Now where did the other shirt go....?

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