28 November 2005

A Little More Stable

I have calmed down a bit since discovering my room's termite infestation. In the previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to write about Guardian's disappointing Christmas Sale. In a recent post I mentioned that I wanted three items from Guardian's sale because I think they are good buys. Only one of them - the Sebamed cleanser - was a good deal. The other two are a complete disappointment.

The Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel 50g (x2 bottles) retails at Guardian for RM6.48, but is only RM5.90 at Watson's (another favourite place of mine). But upon serious consideration, I decided against buying it because my face rarely needs moisturization.

Meanwhile, the Gatsby's hair colour is selling for only RM16.80 at Watson's instead of RM18.88! I immediately bought this because I need it soon for Singapore. I bought the Gold Ash shade. Though the CG model in front of the box sports a very reddish hue, I am hardly worried because it won't work so well with dark hair like mine. But I was disappointed to learn that it doesn't cover grey hair (because it is part-bleach), an important criteria for me. More disappointing was that I only discovered that after I bought it. No matter.

I was at Giant supermarket this evening and I discovered an even better deal. They must be clearing stock or something, because a box of Calista hair colour is only RM12.88. And I'm sure this is a permanent hair colour that covers grey hair. Though the available shades aren't too appealing, I got a box anyway. So now I have two boxes of hair colour in my room. Sigh, choices... choices.

Before you think that I am a big spender with too much money, think again. I didn't used to be like this - I would consider a purchase for a long time. Unfortunately, I would take too long to consider, and by the time I decide to buy, the price has gone back up! This has happened numerous times, and I've decided to shift my thinking a little. If I know an item is definitely cheaper than the average price, I will get it. For example, the 1200ml of Sebamed cleanser will last me years. But I know it is cheaper per ml than any other good cleansers like Johnson's & Johnson's, and Nivea, so I buy it anyway.

I think that's a fair compromise, no?

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William said...

You really shouldn't be using Sebamed on your face. Be vary of stuff that is body and facial cleanser at the same time. Reminds me of the kids head to toe wash. Anyways, as you said 1.2l will last you years. By that time, the stuff would have deteriorated. All those parabens can only do so much...