15 November 2005

Blog Deluge

There are approximately 70,000 new blogs each day, and it seems that everyone and their cat keeps one nowadays. I'm definitely not a blog veteran, so how can I make my blog stand out from the rest? I seriously don't know, but I suspect it has something to do with writing more constructive posts. Which this post isn't.

Anyway, my favourite comic writer, Scott Adams, has set up his Dilbert blog and it is seriously funny. I keep up with his comics and also his Dilbert books. I went to the bargain section of Popular bookstore today and I was very happy to find Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel, a fairly recent book. It was only RM19.90! It's a sort of blessing that he's not very popular here, or else I'd have to shell out more than RM30 for it. The other Dilbert books that I own are The Joy of Work, and Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook. Both are equally funny and acquainted me with the weird and depressing world of the Cubicle Dweller.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Lol well... I dunno how too... Mine has not much interesting stuff! >.<

But i guess if you keep visiting other people's blog, they will find time to visit yours too! :D