19 November 2005

Meow Meow

I love cats. Out of all domestic animals, I like cats the most. The worst possible pet, I think, is a goldfish. As much as I dislike dogs, at least they can interact with you. Fishes just swim around in circles until the day they float belly-up.

Anyway, back to cats. Dad loves them too, but we do not keep one as it is too difficult to maintain them. After all, he's working 6 days a week and I'm away most of the year. But cats have a natural affinity with Dad, and increasingly with me as well. I've seen stray cats loiter around the house. Some run away at our sight while a few bravely venture into my hands.

There was a time a couple of years back when this skinny cat kept meowing for food outside. It was a rainy day so I took pity on it and brought him in. Before I allowed it to step inside, I wiped him with a damp cloth to make sure he's free from grime. I knew how cats hate water, so I distracted him with some leftover fish. I brought him inside to play and let it explore its new surroundings. Dad was on holiday in China, so I decided to keep it around until he came back. But things were not meant to be. I didn't want it to run around, so I kept it in the empty room downstairs. I scared it would suffocate inside, so I opened a small gap in the window, confident it wouldn't escape. The next morning, I learned how flexible a cat's body can be. I never saw it again.

Tonight, as I entered the living room, I was shocked to see a ginger orange cat walking about. My instinct immediately tried to shoo the cat out of the house. She did leave, but she walked out slowly, as if she belonged there in the first place and it was her who is annoyed. She definitely had the air of a diva! When she was outside, I was ready to close the door but then she went into Manja mode and then started meowing and meowing. It was raining then as well, and I immediately took pity on her.

I squatted down and beckoned for her to come back in, and guess what? She did! She meowed some more and then when she came in my hands just automatically reached out and strangled massaged her. Cats love having their neck caressed, and this gurrl is just a total affection-sucker! Dad whipped out his camera and took some shots of the feisty feline. I deduced she was hungry by her attempts to bite my finger. I told Dad to get the discarded fish head from the dinner earlier while I kept her company. She upped the ante and started rolling around Bollywood-style while I tickled her belly. One word: Queen!

OMG! Get the camera away from me! Do you know how much I charge per hour? Do you?!?

It was soon time to go. Dad placed the fish head outside. As predicted, she rushed outside and quickly feasted on the reward for her company. I took the chance to close the door on her. It felt sad saying goodbye this way, but it's for the best. I should leave it as a one-night stand; maintaining a long term relationship is just too hard in this case.

You know you want to touch me


savante said...

A cat! You wouldn't want to know what I do with stray cats :)


ZemieN said...

well, i hv a fren who chases away strays by dousing them with boiling water!

so i dun think you can do any worse.... or can you? O_O