10 November 2005

Last Days of School

There's nothing quite like the last days of the school term. Unfailingly, the last week of school for the year is the most anticipated time for all students. Even now that I'm in college, knowing that I am 7 days away from the end of the semester gives me a tingling sensation (not the erotic kind, mind you). But nothing beats those carefree days in secondary school.

Usually the teachers stop teaching and we can more or less do whatever we want. If the weather is not too hot, most of the guys will be out playing football and basketball. Me? I'm not the athletic type so I would gossip and talk the day away. The only time we didn't do all that was in Form 5, cause our SPM was just too darn close!

FYI, I've been really unproductive these past few days. I feel a little ashamed of myself - here I am, with the perfect opportunity to upgrade my technical skills, and what do I do? Play Bejeweled 2, watch the final episode of Sex & The City, and read all sorts of blogs! Certainly not very productive... :(

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