09 November 2005


There are two types of people I know that will definitely go to Hell when they are six feet under. One are printer manufacturers and the other are razor manufacturers. Though selling different items, they have a simple strategy - give the product away and make money on the consumables.

Printer manufacturers commit the greatest sin. After all, their inks cost more per liter than any other liquid in this world, be it Perrier, Shell V-Power, or pure freshly squeezed orange juice. But I would like to focus my rant on the pioneers of this business model - the razor companies.

I wonder who was the genius who thought up this idea. But regardless, it has established companies like Gilette and Schick as the big weasels of the world. Razor cartridges cost so much! I use a Gilette Sensor Excel and when I was shopping I was shocked at the ever increasing prices. The cheapest cartridges are for Gilette Vector, their entry level model.

I was tempted to change my razor to Vector and stick with the cheapest items, when my eyes laid upon an even cheaper way - disposable razors. In the past, they were notorious for being uncomfortable and useless. But technology has come a long way and there are now disposables with three blades! Watson's disposable razors were only RM4.90 for a pack of 6, so I bought those. The handles are longer and it has a lubricating strip so it is almost comparable to the expensive ones.

I used one this morning, and although it did not provide as close a shave as Gilette, it glides effortlessly and is good enough for my daily stubble. At least it won't cost me a fortune to buy them.