24 October 2005

Why Would Anyone Do That?

Someone stole my pair of RM5 sandals this morning. It happened some time between 10 to 10.50am. I have absolutely no idea why someone would do that, but it is definitely not a strange occurence around here. My room mate's shoe has been stole thrice, and the guy staying across from me has experienced it as well.

The problem is that such thievery goes unnoticed and it is useless to report it. I hope the person who took my sandals will appreciate it, lead a good life, and rot in hell.

UPDATE: I found my sandals sitting innocently 2 rooms down from me. It appeared to have been moved there instead of worn there. At any rate, I kicked it back to my room. I suspect this is more of a prank than a theft, but I don't suppose I hurt anyone bad enough to warrant it.

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