21 October 2005

NFTC: Heng Ch'au, the Dharma Protector

Note: This was on their first day bowing alone, and already they met with so many tests! This excerpt talks about people who try to make them angry.

May 11, 1977
"They test us verbally - no response. "Hey, think I'll kick 'em in the ass when they kneel down!" No response. A larger, older group of men gather at one corner. The leader stands a good 6' 5". His sidekick has been running in between us, patting us on the heads, posturing, and trying to provoke us. No response. Heng Sure is constant - pushes forward. I close the gap. Suddenly they make way, telling the lingering one, "Let 'em be, they ain't doin' nothing'." We bow through."


"Finally the hulk pulls alongside and politely asks, "Pardon me, Sir, may I ask what you're doing?" I nod, finish a bow and explain.

Wow, that's something! Don't he talk? You've got the hard job. I can dig being peaceful. All the way to Ukiah! What's this Buddha about?" etc. They are moved. Something soft and genuine peeks out. The edge is gone. Ice melts to water. "Peace to you guys." he says and crosses us with his blessing as he walks away. "Take care.""

Peace in the Way,
Heng Ch'au

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