25 October 2005

Common Sense Advisory

When you go hiking, remember to charge your phone.

I think that is the main lesson when I read a report on The Star - Stream leads missing hikers out of Cheras jungle. Four people got lost while hiking in Cheras, but managed to find their way out by following a stream.

While it was a heroic story and all, complete with a picture of them being congratulated by policemen, I couldn't help marvel at this paragraph:

"The group managed to make a call at 4.45pm, before their phone battery died out, telling Meng Yen's brother that if they were not back by 6pm to inform the police."

I can understand if you don't bring garlic bread, tenderloin steak, and a bottle of red wine during your hike, but I think it's common sense to at least charge your phone. Another strange observation is that out of four 20-somethings, only one has a handphone. That's strange, coz my college has so many handphones that we are all at risk of brain cancer.

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