28 October 2005

Hatyai Here I Come

If you're reading this, that means I've reached home safely. This semester was sure a short one. In fact, the whole year seemed to fly by. Last year around this time I went to Hatyai with a group of temple devotees to celebrate Kathina at a local temple.

Tomorrow, I'll be going on the same trip again. The reason why we celebrate Kathina in such far-flung places is because it is easier to sponsor the Kathina robes. At any of the temples here, the waiting list could be up to 10 years! Hatyai temples have a much shorter waiting period.

To find out why people wish to offer Kathina robes, do a search on Google. Just to clarify, I'm not a sponsor or anything, I'm just joining it to shop for cheap counterfeit goods. I'll be back on Sunday, so no updates till then.

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