06 April 2006

The Zeem! Birthday Bash

Okaaayyyy... so the title is a little misleading. I'm not really having a party for the blog, but that doesn't mean I can't celebrate!

Exactly one month from now, Zeem! turns 1! That's 365 days of blogging, and more than 500 posts. I average 10,000 words a month, so that makes it.... (gasp!) 120,000 words! When I began blogging I never thought I would have enough things to write about, but I guess my life is interesting.

There are a million other blogs that are more popular than me, and have existed for many years. What makes turning 1 so special? Actually it is just a sensationalised trick to get more readers, but don't tell them that.

Here's what I have planned to celebrate my one year of public online humiliation, and you are all invited!

THEME: Getting To Know Zemien


1. The Ancient Vault
Do you know that Zemien existed long before Zeem! came along? It's true! He has a dirty little secret which he quickly squashed before it caused him major embarassment. However, he has decided to reveal it all! For a week before 6 May (29 April - 5 May) he will publish an old blog post every day. These are some of the earliest blog posts he has ever written, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to peek into Zemien's past!

2. Zemien's Guide to Good Software
On the blog's birthday itself, Zemien will celebrate it geek-style by recommending some of the best software he has ever used. Being a geek means having an arsenal of special software utilities that help him get through the day happily. And you're lucky because Zemien has decided to help all of you IT-illiterates who need it oh-so-badly.

3. 12 Days of Zeem!
For twelve days after the birthday (7 May - 18 May), Zemien will dig deep into his cache of 500 posts to pick the Top 12 posts of the year! He will do a countdown from #12 up to the coveted spot of #1. He will base his judgement on how significant the post was to him. As an added bonus, he will write some commentary on the particular post, and why it was chosen.


I also realise that the bulk of my readers only came in during the second half of the year. Therefore, I will try to pick my Top 12 posts from the earlier months as I can understand your reluctance to shift through 60,000 words from the first half.

There will be no regular posts during the celebration period. It will be sort of like an extended holiday for me. I think I deserve it before starting work on the next 120,000 words. Sorry if I kept showing off my 120,000 words. Oops, there it is again. It is just an important achievement for me.

All well-wishing comments are most welcomed during the celebration!


Kelly said...

Happy birthday Zeem! My parents have planned a family trip to Cambodia on May the 18th, so do write about your experience there, so at least I would know what to expect when I go over... no half toilets with no doors, I hope. What came from China should stay there.

Kelly said...

Not that I meant to be racist.. so lemme rephrase that.. SOME inventions of China should stay in China

ZemieN said...

Oh don't worry abt it... everyone's a little bit racist! :) If we could really just admit it, it'll be a much peaceful Earth.