19 April 2006

Till Death Do Them Part

There are several milestones that indicate someone is well on his way to adulthood. One of them is being invited to a wedding. There is a fine line between following your parents who were invited to a wedding, with going to a wedding where you are actually a named guest.

And tonight, I will be attending my first ever wedding reception. Bian was my first lecturer during my first year in college, and she is still one of the nicest lecturers I've met. She was always very cordial and frequently hung out with us. And she finally found her Prince!

She invited a gang of her ex-students, so that includes David, Joey, etc. We will all be seated at one table so it's going to be a mini-reunion of sorts as well. I am taking Dad's DSLR camera so I'll be snapping as many photos of us together because Bian will be moving to Australia permanently.

There is one little glitch in my master plan though. I have been experiencing a wave of pimples on my face and it is not pretty. I attribute it to the immense stress lately, but it could possibly be the puberty acne I never had. Either way, I will not be blemish-free by tonight and it is really annoying. Sure, it isn't my wedding but I would like to look as good as I can. At the moment, looking good will require me to turn my head to the left to strategically hide the marks.

I will post some Photoshop-enhanced photos once I come back from my Cambodia trip (20-26 April). There will be no regular updates until then.


joshua said...

call me a cynic, but i dun believe in "forever and for always" as candy-laced and diabetic-prone it sounds.


kelly said...

Bon voyage:)

William said...

Depending on your belief system, you might believe in "Eternal Bliss" or "Eternal Damnation".