28 April 2006

Fitness, Second

This evening I went to Fitness First, Island Plaza again at the invitation of Joshua. He was willing to use his RM65 guest pass on me, but managed to put me under a trial session so I had to go through the boring survey again.

I finally tried both BodyJam and BodyCombat, and I loved them both. BodyJam is indeed very feminine with all its booty shaking and hip swaying but I think it's great practice for dancing. Especially since I know I have two left feet. It was very low impact and I hardly exerted myself, but it was nice knowing I was the only guy left in the studio after the class (besides another male instructor).

BodyCombat was more action-oriented and is based on simple martial arts moves. Though I did not get my kicks correctly I had a lot of fun. But when it came to doing pushups I am reminded of my pitiful arm strength. Gotta work on that.

I then finished off with another quick cooldown in the wet steam room with Joshua. It is definitely more bearable when you have someone to chat with, unlike my first attempt.

Before I left, I got another sales pitch by Leon, the guy assigned to me. Apparently it costs almost RM1000 to join Fitness First. Phew! I did tell him the truth about me not being in Penang now so I have managed to get them off my back for another 4 months. I still don't know which gym to join really - anyone has any place else to recommend?


joshua said...

i think my invitation deserves more than an simple mention. Darn! Your post is like, a gym review!

You know I'd prefer it to be ME-ME-ME, right?

ZemieN said...

it IS a gym review!

it will be used in the future when I evaluate which gym to join, and for the benefit of others as well.

joshua said...

Why don't you just go save the world? Make World Peace or Make Poverty History...


ZemieN said...

Ooo... someone's in a biting mood today

And who actually checks if someone replied their comments so soon? You really are too free.

joshua said...

i woke up too early today to nothing.