09 April 2006

Dwindling Bonuses

I reloaded my prepaid account with RM50 today and I got an SMS saying that I have been credited with a bonus of RM5 (10%). I was flabbergasted! Shocked! Shook off my balance! (insert other preposterous exclamations here)

Last time I reloaded I got a 12% bonus (RM6). Almost two years ago it was as high as 15% (RM7.50) for those who have been using Celcom for more than a year. While you may think that a difference of RM2.50 is not much, 10 reloads a year means you lose RM25.

With the cost of living ever rising, I feel half-cheated. Of course, call and SMS rates have been slowly decreasing as well, but I wouldn't consider RM1.20/minute call rate to Maxis numbers as cheap. Seriously, Celcom probably has the highest inter-operator call/SMS rates. The only reason I'm using it is because Dad's been using Celcom for almost 15 years. When I change my number next time, it will probably be to Maxis.

1 comment:

William said...

You're complaining? Get a load of this:

DiGi Prepaid -- Reload RM200 for in the bonus period of Jan-Apr to enjoy a 5% bonus!

I am ecstatic.