08 April 2006

But What Does It Really Mean?

As an IT student coming out to the working world very soon, I always keep myself informed of the latest news in the local IT industry. Today, our Prime Minister announced that our technology initiative, the Multimedia Super Corridor, will be renamed as...... the Multimedia Super Corridor of Malaysia.

May I say, "-_-"?

He announced that MSC Malaysia will have several upgrades listed below. What I would like you to do, dear reader, is to decipher the business buzzwords and jargon for me. Because as far as I can tell, the stuff below is really full of emptiness:

  • Revitalising the MSC brand and image to enable every Malaysian citizen to enjoy the benefits;
  • MSC Malaysia as a key driver and enabler of the local ICT sector to conquer the local and global markets;
  • Make use of ICT to accelerate the transformation of other sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, services and agriculture; and
  • Creative multimedia content industry as a new growth resource under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

  • Among the upgrades listed above can you spot any of the following?
    1. A timeline of when it will be achieved
    2. A clear scope definition of what it really means to have achieved it
    3. Who are the people affected?
    4. How much money is going to be allocated?


    kelly said...

    Honestly speaking, have you ever really seen a project that's being or that was conducted here that actually provides the public with a clear scope, and the timeline? The project that does more of an exception rather than the rule...which is something that you don't get very often.

    Innocent^^Guy said...

    To be frank kelly, unless you are working for giant companies like microsoft or IBM, most companies usually dun adhere to such standards. Its just the casual work practice. In fact, if you just grab any one of 10 ppl in a standard organization here in aus, they can hardly tell u what's in the australian standard of 17799 or 7799. Thats why we need ppl like you to graduate and practice these. But then again, try not to be too "by the book"

    ZemieN said...

    innocent^^guy, it's not even about standards yet. What I wrote and Kelly said is about not having a scope and timeline, which are two very basic things in a project (besides cost).

    Yes, I agree with you that many people do not follow/know the standards like CMM, ISO, etc. But if you don't define those basic three things above then the project is doomed to fail from the start.

    Thanks for all your comments anyway