10 April 2006

The Banana Inside My Pants

I was walking to the toilet to take a leak when I bumped into S, my coursemate who lives on the same floor. We exchanged greetings and I saw he was holding some bananas in his hand. As we walked in the opposite direction he suddenly called out to me, "Hey, you want one ar?" I was a bit embarassed that he wanted to offer me a banana so I declined. "Nevermind, take-lah," S insisted so I just took it and said thanks.

So I walked to the toilet with a banana. I was afraid someone might see it so I put it in my pocket. It isn't particularly funny but it is definitely a queer situation to be in. David laughed as well when I related this story to him.

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William said...

If you were wearing pyjamas at the time, your post would have had a different title.