13 April 2006

Close Shave

The feeling of bliss after exams have never felt better. I have become numb to that exhilaration as you write down your last point, partly because I never worked particularly hard to reach that moment. But today was different. Today I actually felt the joy of finishing up my last paper because the past 24 hours have been Hell.

I actually had two papers today - Subject A from 8-11am, and Subject B from 12-3pm. Subject A is harder than B, so for most of the time I only focused on A. When I finally started studying for B yesterday afternoon I realized with much horror that I would not be able to finish remembering all the points. I can recite points from Subject A without batting an eyelash, but for Subject B..... let's just say batting eyelashes won't help one bit.

In a twist of irony, the easier subject has become the harder! I had not much time left, and I had to take drastic action. I decided I had to sleep less so I can study more but staying up late is not my specialty so I planned instead to wake up early. That means I need to start sleeping earlier but that's a huge problem in itself for I have been having trouble sleeping before 12.30am.

In a move of desperation, I ate one of those small yellow pills they give you for colds. It makes me drowsy as hell so I'm using it as a sleeping pill. It's not healthy, I know, but I've done it before without consequence. And anyway, I am supposed to be recovering from flu so I have a valid reason to misuse drugs. It worked, and by 11.00pm I was dozing off to slumberland.

The effect of the drug wore off by 2am and I woke up momentarily, but luckily I managed to get some shut eye until 4.30. I got up, had some buns, and plowed through the notes. I managed to finish by 6am and got some extra rest before getting ready for Subject A's exam. That one went quite smoothly although it had its bumps. My concern now is squarely on Subject B.

I had about 1 hour to have lunch and revise. However, when I got back to those same notes, I had trouble recalling the points. This was terrible news as my early morning sacrifice did not pay off handsomely. I am very much against last-minute studying but here I am trying to separate one point from the other. I was getting nervous - what if the questions all came out from the parts I never read?

Thankfully I knew some self-motivation tricks. I put down my notes and said, "Enough." There is not enough time to remember them anyway. The important thing, I told myself, is to calm myself down so that the points will naturally come to me in the exam hall. I have gone through all these lessons before so I have the data in my brain, it's a matter of shutting up the voices in my head so I can listen to what it is saying.

And it worked. I was nervous up to the point I began writing my first answer. On my initial glance, I was quite upset because the questions were never what I had hoped. But as I tricked myself into thinking that everything will be fine, it became fine. Answers floated to the surface and I was writing like nobody's business. To be safe, I answered 5 questions instead of the required 4, just to be safe. This isn't my best performance, but I'll get my A nonetheless.


Now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for me to PARTAYYYY!!!


Takumination said...

"This isn't my best performance, but I'll get my A nonetheless."
"It is not challenging at all and too easy to get A."

(o o)

I am going back to KL today lu!!!

ZemieN said...

One thing I don't like about human nature in general is that they think other people are "special". Many classmates, like Takumination, think that I don't have to work hard to get my A's. And that is just Bull. I put in all my effort as well. The only difference is not necessarily in the amount of effort, but how you put in the effort.

Unfortunately many people just don't get that and they think they are "just normal" while I am some kind of "genius". That's so not true...

Takumination said...

I am not saying that you did not put effort, you misunderstood la.
You work so hard, we all can see that.
But something true is I am still thinking that you are 'special' because you can work so hard that I cannot afford to...
Just... could not force myself to work hard at something that I really not interested in.

ZemieN said...

Well, Takumi, life is filled with things we are not interested to do, such as:

-paying taxes
-seeing the doctor when we're sick
-paying bills
-sucking up to the boss to get noticed
-get stuck in traffic on the way to work
etc etc...

But we still have to do them. So are we going to spend our whole lives as 'average' people just because we don't like doing them? If we force ourselves to like it, we can get through just fine. Or focus on the parts we like.

Learn to get interested in things that will help you in the future, such as your education. You only have one more semester to pretend anyway.

Takumination said...

perhaps you are right.
feeling very relax at home but actually shouldnt be.

Enjoy your holiday!