28 April 2006

I Feel Loved

When I was in Cambodia, Jennifer from Fitness First called me, presumably to get me to sign up after my first free trial session. The international call charges that I have to bear would cost more than a month's membership if I allowed her to say all the usual marketing spiels, so I cut her off and said that I was not in the country at the moment and could she call me the week after. She agreed, and hung up.

Just a few minutes ago she called again and asked when I was free to come in and collect my free training voucher. I told her that I was just there last evening, and she went "Huh!?!?!". Yes, she said 'huh' with all those exclamation points and question marks. She was practically shocked that I went there without asking for her.

She asked who called me in and I said a friend, but I also told her Leon attended to me. When asked, I told her that I had not signed up yet because I have not finished my course. I would only consider joining in August. Therefore, I have three salesperson waiting to sign me up in August - Nurul (from the first trial), Leon (from the second trial), and Jennifer (who somehow got my number).

I feel loved. Pathetic, ain't it?

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