09 August 2006

Unblissful Bliss

One of my occassional indulgences is yogurt. I stumbled upon it by chance when Mum bought one for me in my pre-teen years. I've loved it ever since and still buy one small cup every now and then.

Today after my gym workout I was looking for milk but the college mini mart has run out of it so I decided to have yogurt instead. I noticed that Nestle has revamped their yogurt products by calling them "Bliss". Their range of products are non-fat, which I have not tried before. I'm used to the usual low-fat yogurt so I decided to get one.

Within the first mouthful I hated it. Texture-wise it is still creamy, but oh, where's the taste??!? Everyone knows that fat enhances the taste of food. Well, maybe not everyone but I'm sure Nestle employs food scientists, don't they? The Bliss yogurt is practically just sour and flat-tasting. It's not sweet at all, and does not have that dairy taste. I also have to mention that they only put KIWI SEEDS as I could not taste any fruit flesh at all. How lame.

Bliss. The overstated product of the year.


Innocent^^Guy said...

probably they just thought of putting some seeds inside there for it to grow overtime...probably cos they expected no one to buy their lame product for sometime and to cut down on cost for actually putting the actual fruit there..haha

MBS said...
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joshua said...

you are OBVIOUSLY very faaaarrr from turning into an easily-contented gym-bunny...

*waves from afar*

William said...

I love yoghurt, but some reason, I'm too cheap to actually buy it. Where's my sub-1-ringgit yoghurt!!!

Anonymous said...

joshua: And you are?

william: Go China. Sub-RM1 yogurt is there.