12 August 2006

Going Out With A Bang

It's official - I'm an unemployed graduate! But I had to end my college life with a memorable moment:

My final exam paper was from 8am. When I woke up this morning, I felt confident. I had stayed up late last night to go through some points I couldn't memorize, so it's definitely a welcomed feeling. As I lied on my bed and tried to soak in my final days as a college student, my eyes suddenly shifted and I asked myself:

"Why is the sky already blue?"

It took me a few seconds to realize that it was already past dawn. I gasped in horror as I scrambled up and check the time. "Oh please don't say it's past 8am!" I thought to myself. Next to me, David was sound asleep. I looked closely at my handphone, and it read 7:49am.


I had set my phone alarm to 6:20am (or so I thought) but I didn't wake me up at all! I think I accidentally set it as 6:20pm instead. At any rate, I had no time to start blaming the phone. I had 11 minutes to rush to the exam hall, which was thankfully quite close.

I didn't take a shower, shave, brush my teeth, nor do my 'daily business'. Worse, I didn't have my most important meal of the day. Unlike most teenagers, breakfast is an essential component to my daily functioning and it's a shame I couldn't even grab a bit of anything. I just peed, stuck some gel on my hair, and got all my stationery out and running.

To ensure timely arrival, I drove to the venue. Actually, "sped horrifyingly fast" would be a better description. I heaved a huge sigh of relief when I saw many students on their way to their exams. That means I'm not late yet. In the end, I managed to reach in time and do the exam proper.

I find it a huge irony that of all the times that this could happen, it happened right on the last day of college. Imagine the horror that would ensue if I woke up at 9am instead. As far as the rules are concerned, no one is allowed inside after 8.30am so I was real lucky. There would be blood and tears involved if that ever happened.

There were several times in my life that I wondered why I am unable to sleep late into the morning. I sometimes envied David's ability to sleep soundly right up to 11.30am. But for once in my life, I am thankful that I always wake up early.


Kelly said...

Now THAT is what you call a closure *grin*

moses said...

Wow.. you really are lucky!

William said...

I would have skipped the hair gel. You were *REALLY* lucky. You will need at least 1 roasted pig to bayar nazar.

ZemieN said...

kelly: Yes indeed!

moses: Yes indeed!

william: No indeed! I wouldn't have skipped the hair gel because I knew about the group photograph later. I wouldn't want to look like a sleepless bum who just woke up 11 minutes before the exam!

William said...

Goodness. The photo is more important than getting to the exam on time?!

ZemieN said...

william: Yes.