12 August 2006


I always assumed most adults know what a potluck is.

Once again, I'm taught that assumptions are just that.

As our course nears its end, we have begun planning for a couple of gatherings. One is a gathering over at Alvin's house. Alvin has graciously forced asked his mum about organizing a BBQ. And so later tonight, we are all heading down to his place for a great night to commemorate our graduation!

I've been thinking about it and I think it's not very nice for all of us just to head over there and expect food to be placed on our table. So I suggested having a potluck instead and we can all bring something to share. Alvin turned to me and said, "Huh?"

I explained the concept of potlucks to him, trying to hide my shock that he has never heard of it before. Then I told the new plan to Jay and Andy, who have also not heard of potlucks. Jay even misheard it as "pornluck" (Well, that's a whole other post!).

Then when I asked YY about what he can bring to the potluck, I had to explain the concept AGAIN. Seriously, have none of them gone to a collaborative gathering? I can't help but wonder...

But everything's gonna work out beautifully though. It's time to party!


moses said...

Hey, I only know about this PotLuck concept last year. We used to say, bring food to share with everyone.. cant blame ur friend not knowing the concept.. or they might know it but didnt know its called PutLuck.

By the Way, Congratulation on your graduation and welcome to the world of working adults! er..that if you decide to work right away.

So, just a BBQ party at a friend house yea? no trip to somewhere? camping? When I graduated, we had 1 nite camping at PD..didnt sleep the whole time, party all nite, swimming under the full moon, makes lots of silly games.. and dont forget about the foods! BBQ all the time. Don't you guys wanna do that? It must be fun!

Anyway, sponsored BBQ is cool too. ;p

Innocent^^Guy said...

probably if you dun join any societies when you are in ur secondary or primary, you probably might not know..in fact, i've only heard of pot luck from society's gathering...anyway, there we go again..once again, i'm left out...

William said...

Alvin's mother would've kissed you.