14 August 2006

These Are What Memories Are Made Of

The BBQ was fun! Food was great, and though I didn't eat too many chicken wings I had a lot of the other food. We also threw an impromptu birthday party for Alvin (the host), whose 21st birthday just passed by last week.

The next day we met at Red Box, The Curve for 4 hours of screaming and screeching. As usual I kept out of the limelight because the songs I like to sing are not the songs most people know (e.g. Sinatra's "Summer Wind"). But I actually enjoyed the karaoke session with my course mater more than usual clique. There was a nicer balance between English and Chinese songs so I didn't feel so bored when those wiggly, wormy characters appear on the screen.

It was hard saying goodbye. I wanted to give some kind of thank you speech but I had to be somewhere else soon so I skipped that part. I hugged everyone, including the girls. This was no time for a polite handshake! No one cried and we maintained our 'coolness', but the feeling of emptiness is there and is definitely growing.


William said...

As cold and heartless as I may sound, the feeling will pass.

ZemieN said...

Oh, I know it will pass, but I wanted to say it out loud just in case anyone suspects that I'm an emotionless android.

Innocent^^Guy said...

no one felt empty when i left...once again..left out

moses said...

ouch.. wanting to look like the "macho and cool" man huh? no care.. I know how soft are you inside.. hehehehe

William said...

Playback settings stuck on "repeat"? :D. Cheer up.

joshua said...

you will get over it... lolx
but definitely, the memories will last a lifetime