10 August 2006

Sincerest Form of Flattery

Hollywood/Japan is famous for producing overpriced merchandise to tie in to movies and cartoons. One of them are action figurines. Power Rangers, Gundam, and the latest movie blockbuster come to mind.

China, on the other hand, is famous for producing cheap imitations of those said merchandise. Especially action figurines. The other day I was walking along the night market when I saw a stall selling imitation action figures. The moment I saw the Power Rangers look-alike figure, I laughed out loud.

I'm not talking about the doll here, I'm referring to the title they used to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits. Take a moment to guess how they twisted the word "Power Rangers" for their products.

C'mon, try harder.


You ready for it?

They used....

"Gao Langer"

Within a milisecond my brain went into shock, "Huh?" I'm sure they were trying to copy Power Rangers because the logo behind the words is the same. But OH! Why can't they choose a more appropriate bastardization? Powder Ranger. Power Langer. Pover Ranger, even!

But no... the company executives convened together outside the sweatshop and decided to go with "Gao Langer".


William said...

Perhaps it was a typo. Heh.

savante said...

Good God. Gao Langer... hope you're kidding! What a terrible name! :P


ZemieN said...

william: a huge, huge typo THAT was :P

paul: now you're just tempting me to burn everyone's eyes by showing a picture!