05 August 2006

Telling the Difference

It's always a wonder to me how dreams occur. It's more of a wonder now since I've been consistently dreaming the past several nights. I'm usually a calm sleeper and will go through the night without any major dream but lately that is not the case.

Now, I won't really mind if the dreams were happy dreams. But no, all I see are strange things happening. Not the kind that inspires the heart, you know?

As always, when we are dreaming we are so immersed in it that we accept it as reality. Even if we had an inkling that everything is mere illusion, we would be so transfixed in the proceedings of our virtual world that we would not be able to escape.

However, the turning point for me is usually when things get a little too absurd. Meeting TV characters and having time fast forward are just a few. That is when I will wake up a little. Of course, the lure of the dream is just too strong and I would resume the dream exactly where I stopped. Things usually get even more crazy and that's when I get the energy to snap out of it.

The cool thing about my dreams is that it helps me to wake up at an appropriate time. No matter how late I sleep, my dreams get absurd enough around 9am that I will just decide to wake up and return to the real world. I consider it as my personal alarm service. Instead of switching on the radio to coax me to consciousness, it plays ridiculous images in my head.

Not even technology can do THAT.


Innocent^^Guy said...

the moment i dream, thats it..i know when i wake up, its probably 1am or 2pm..and then there will be fluids flowing out from somewhere...one portion on my bed will be wet..u know la where..

Zemien said...

oh wow! I didn't know you still pee on your bed.



Innocent^^Guy said...
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ZemieN said...

ish.... how many times ar...

"don't put my name, or anything sounding like my name, and especially not my surname!"


You may repost yr comment, innocent, with proper modifications.

Thank You.

William said...

My dreams have gotten really rational lately. Too much stress perhaps. Perhaps certain parts of the brain don't shut down as well anymore.

I have a friend whose dreams are like fantasy/action movie scripts. Filled with gunfights, friends dying in her arms, morphing into a fish, the possibilities are endless.

Hmm, wet dreams, been ages ages... :P