23 August 2006

Job Hunting

Thus... the journey begins.

I have setup online CVs at Jobstreet and AllStaff (and TheStar soon as well). NHK recruitment agency also has my resume. I have also deposited my CV through Intel's website. The only thing I haven't done is to leaf through the newspaper with a red marker in hand. I think they only do that in movies.

So all I have to do is wait. Right? RIGHT?

P.S. Do comment if you have any tips for this unemployed graduate


Skyler said...

You can go and work with me for a paltry sum of money

Innocent^^Guy said...

be ur gigolo?

William said...

Get a sugar daddy.

ZemieN said...

skyler: I'm not fit to model products.

innocent^^guy: Not so innocent anymore, huh?

william: sugar shortage.

William said...

Sugar shortage? There's always saccharine and aspartame.