01 August 2006

Paranoid but Unapologetic

I've reached the point in every blogger's life where he/she becomes a little paranoid. Every blogger would have thought, "What if someone I knew read the blog? What if I wrote some not-so-flattering things about that someone?"

Some of my friends here have been reading my blog for some time, but it was only a few days back that I realised one of my lecturers is also reading my blog. That's when the full realisation hit me - this blog is public. I am now presented with two choices: to stay out of certain areas in my blog or to continue blogging bravely.

I guess it comes down to the reason I started this blog. I began writing as a way to share my opinions on the things happening around me. I didn't mean for the blog to be popular (not that it is now). In other words, this blog is like my private thoughts publicized.

With that in mind, I am going to bravely post on as normal. A little more careful perhaps, but there's no reason to hide my thoughts. If for some reason all my previous lecturers read through my entire archives and found out all the funny things I wrote about them, I should be more thankful than terrified. After all, reading a blog is like having mind reading powers. If you don't like what other people are thinking, then for goodness sake leave their brains alone!

P.S. With that said, thanks Mr. Guok for stopping by! :)

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William said...

We foolishly try to limit our number of readers. But word does get around. Pseudonyms don't quite work anymore once your readers know who you are and are able to piece everything together. But screw that. Just make it ambigious, but still mampu terasa. Heh.