07 August 2006

M for Malaysia?

A couple of days ago I watched "V for Vendetta", an excellent commentary on what our future holds. Of course I knew we were heading towards a Big Brother type of government but I didn't know how soon. After watching the movie and reading today's news, I think it's not too far off:

From TheStar:
The hidden “eyes” that watch over the city’s traffic and help the police to nab criminals will be a full-fledged crime monitoring system nationwide if the approach proves effective.
Comparing the electronic eyes to the mata-mata (a metaphor for police in Malay), (Prime Minister) Abdullah said:

“Good. Good. We also want to try out these electronic eyes. Our mata-mata are insufficient. Now, we have electronic eyes.

“If closed-circuit TVs prove effective and practical, what’s wrong in using them throughout the country?”
MANY things are wrong, Sir.

By putting the entire country under surveillance, you have eradicated privacy. Sure, you said they should only use it for good. But do you realise you're putting your entire faith in a police force riddled with graft and corruption?

Sure, it's only used to "solve vehicle theft, robberies as well as kidnaps and murder cases". But how long will it take for the Syariah Court to dictate that these CCTV should be used to monitor Muslims to ensure unmarried couples don't hold hands in public? Or Allah forbid, hug!

And since we're on the topic of morality why not just include the non-Muslims as well? This being an Islamic country, they should after all abide by the morality rules stated in the Quran.

Oh, I could just go on! I'm not flaming Islam in particular, but abuse and misuse of power can and has happened. You know what they say about absolute power....

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William said...

Don't forget about RFID tags. In the very near future.