15 July 2006


Does anyone else think that the following button looks sexually disturbing?

Or is it just me?

(Source: StarUML software)


Merv Kwok said...

Add them copiously to your UML diagrams and whoever is looking to them will start to writhe around in sheer orgasmic pleasure. Seriously. I've seen it happen. (in my dreams)

ZemieN said...

If that were true, I'd have plenty of Self Stimuli in my diagrams so that the stakeholders would sign off on whatever crappy design I gave them.

William said...

I urge you not to put that button in your software unless you've really stress tested it! Do you not know about the chimps and pleasure-inducing button experiment?!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I *don't* know about the chimps and pleasure-inducing button experiment.

Explain! I command thee.


William said...

Gunakanlah imaginasi anda.

Let me tell you this Reader's Digest joke:

A man was sitting next to an old lady on a plane. The man had the flu. Everytime he sneezed, whip out his dick and wipe it. The woman was disturbed. She confronted him. So he told her that everytime he sneezed, he would have an orgasm. She said, "You poor man! Are you taking any medication?". To which he replied, "Pepper.".

Anonymous said...

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