17 July 2006

Gullible Part 1

When I was very young, Dad would sometimes bring me along to the snooker parlour. No, I wasn't there to shoot billiards with Dad's friends. You see, the parlour had a small arcade that I would hang out while Dad used a long stick to shoot balls into holes. Each game was only 20 cents (ahh... the good old days) and Dad would change 10 tokens for me at the counter. I would then have the freedom to play the games until I ran out of money. I guess I felt empowered by the fact that he trusted me alone. Nowadays parents would just be scolded for leaving their 7 year old in an arcade while they enjoyed themselves.

Anyway, my all-time favourite game there was Street Fighter 2. I remembered I could come up with the basic fire ball and dragon punch, but wasn't really good at it to win. There was one time when several much older kids (early teens? I don't remember) came in while I was playing the game. I was losing quite terribly and one of the kids offered to play for me and win. Being the gullible boy that I was, I allowed him to play. And he won. I just stood by the side and watched as he played my money away. I don't quite remember if I was stupid enough to give him more money, but I clearly remembered letting someone else play the game for me.


William said...

Perhaps you were awed by the fact that the guy can play much better than you. Like paying for a performance.

ZemieN said...

I am more awed by the fact that you're commenting at night! What happened? You finally got around to installing Streamyx at your house? Or pulling another late-nighter?

William said...

You noticed? I was at my Sis', hijacking her streamyx.