08 July 2006

A Certain Air of Cheapness

I just read on someone's blog that he was given a Haagen-Daz birthday cake that cost 60 Singapore Dollars.


When I read the price my heart ached as if I failed my semester. Oops, touch wood touch wood.

Seriously, S$60? Sure, it has strawberries on top and expensive ice-cream inside, but I would never pay that much. I guess the most I can muster is a RM60 cake from Secret Recipe and even then my heart would have ached as much as my wallet. I can get perfectly tasty 500g cakes for RM24, so why should I pay that extra RM100?

To all those who are thinking about dating me, I understand if you wanna keep things casual for a while first.


joshua said...

my bday tiramisu cost more than that la...

not your money, so why bother worrying? and here's the guy who's soooo stressed out with 'studying'?

Skyler said...

I am sooooo not dating you.