05 July 2006

Skyler is Right!

Skyler's recent post is a tight slap across my face (and other bloggers too):

Why do some of you people like to make me type in gibberish letters like "sncofhr" or "byeskhtue" or "jorohebodl" just to leave you comments?!

You hate comments so much is it?!

I want to be so nice and gracious and post a comment telling you I went to your blog and you want to put me through such boredom!


She was of course, referring to the annoying word verification that most bloggers use to filter out spammers. When this feature was first introduced I quickly implemented it because even during the early days of my blog, spammers regularly posted links to their client's websites. I was very annoyed and the word verification feature helped eliminate all of the spam.

But it's also annoying. Some words are simple, but it can get pretty long. I've made mistakes sometimes and I just hate having to retype the verification code. Skyler's post made me realize what I've been inflicting on my loyal readers!

So with immediate effect, the word verification will be turned off. Your readership is worth more to me than having my blog spam-free. So you guys better comment. NOW.

(DICLAIMER: I might just turn on word verification again if the amount of spam is more than my regular comments.)


Skyler said...


ZEMIEN! HAHAHAHAHAHA, Thank you! I love yoooouuuuu

I promise I'll comment on [almost] every post if you write interesting stuff and keep the stupid verification off.

ZemieN said...

"I love yoooouuuuu"
-Sigh... the lengths I go to just to make girls say that to me.

"I promise I'll comment on [almost] every post if you write interesting stuff"
-Ironically, it is around now that I have run out of interesting topics to write about. Deadlines kill brain cells too, apparently.

Skyler said...

Well lucky, lucky you. I said it. *ME* Fabulous me :P

You could write about puppies and butterflies and diss other bloggers and the like.

You can do it.