04 July 2006

The One Where I Didn't Follow My Own Advice

Friday evening: Bought RM5 worth of carrots at the night market.

Saturday morning: Made fresh carrot juice.

Saturday afternoon: Gave a bottle of carrot juice to Alvin & Jay. Told them explicitly to "finish it by today".

Sunday afternoon: Drank about 150ml leftover carrot juice, undiluted. It smelt just fine.

Sunday afternoon: Woke up from my nap feeling very full. Suddenly felt the urge to go shit. Had a very bad feeling.

Sunday evening: Been to the toilet 5 times, passing out very watery shit.

Monday morning: Slept till 11am.

Monday afternoon: Had to stay in bed because I felt like puking everytime I sat up or walked.

Monday evening: Refer to (Monday afternoon)

Monday night: The urge to vomit was just so great that I tried to manually force reverse peristalsis. Twice. Didn't work.

Tusday morning: Less inclination to throw up in front of my friends. Had a little apetite and strength back.


William said...

Beta-Carotene in its most sadistic form.

joshua said...

obviously u aren't competent enough in the kitchen to make non-biohazard carrot juice.