03 July 2006

Block Head

Last Saturday night I conducted a user evaluation session with a student at his hostel block. He told me in his SMS, "9pm at block l study rum can?". He is actually in Block L, but I mistook his lowercase L as an uppercase I. So at 9pm I went looking for Block I. Problem is, I couldn't find it. I felt strange as the block letterings go from G to H to J! Whatever happened to I? For a moment I was actually afraid that I forgot my ABCs! "ABCDEFG... H... I... J... Correct-lah! It should be here!" I kept repeating to myself.

I wandered around to and fro, checking out the block alphabets. I was late, and I hate being late (especially since I told him to be punctual). So I called him to ask where his block is. "Is your block next to Block H or Block J?" I asked. He told me he's actually in Block L and there's no Block I here. I felt relieved and went to find him.

I can't believe that in more than 2 years of staying here, I did not realize that Block I does not exist. That is just embarassing, which is why I felt duty bound to post it here.


kelly said...

You do know that there's no such thing as Block O as well?

ZemieN said...

Actually... no.

OMG Why is INTI keeping all these secrets from me!?!??! What else should I know?

Innocent^^Guy said...

no I meh? hm..i didn't notice it too

Skyler said...

That is so cute I just had to comment.