01 July 2006

You're From WHERE?

For almost a month now I've been using Google Analytics, a website tracking service with a Google twist. You have to ask for an invitation code, but it's worth a shot. The gathered data is pretty standard (hits, page views, referral source, etc.) but they use pretty images (AJAX) to spice things up. For e-commerce oriented portals, they can set targets and observe the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Anyway, they have a cool feature whereby they tell me where my readers come from. Sure, a lot of tracking software does that, but do they plot it on the world map for you?

If you look closely, you'll see that most of my readers are in Malaysia. However, I seem to have the occassional visit from people all over the world. They form a very small minority, but their places of origin are intriguing:
  • Damascus
  • Alhus Vadros
  • Huntsville
  • Hillsboro
  • Plum Coulee
  • and probably the most exotic of all:
  • Wijk Bij Duurstede

Try saying the last one quickly! Actually, I can't even do it slowly. Darn European languages.


Anonymous said...

how your map would be getting a dot along the great lakes; toronto to be exact. found you in a forum where you were trying to sell yourself. opps that came out wrong. i meant you were telling how good you are as an IT guy.

ZemieN said...

What? I did NO such thing!

I was just probably telling how bad the rest of the fresh graduates are compared to meMEmeMe!

But I seriously don't remember making that statement (though I remember which forum you might be referring to)