25 July 2006

All Prepped Up

Checked: New pair of long-sleeved shirt in a nice shade of tan

Checked: New pair of dark blue pants that fit me perfectly

Checked: Borrowed Jackson's dark blue tie which goes well with my shirt and pants

Checked: Wiped the cobwebs off my fake leather shoes

Checked: Got my hair cut

Checked: Coloured my hair to hide the grey ones. Used a conservative colour though

I'm not particularly happy about my hair cut. I purposely went to a "higher class" salon to get something more presentable than the usual close crop. In fact, I told the lady boss to recommend something suitable for a presentation. 20 minutes after, I went out with... the usual close crop.

The hair wash was better though. I shampoo my hair everyday so I rarely need to pay shampoo girls to do the same thing. But I figured I deserved to relax a little bit after a harrowing 7 months doing my project. And her massaging and squeazing and kneading definitely helped me loosen up.

The only thing I have to do today is to work out the kinks in my presentation.

Tell you all about it tomorrow!


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