08 July 2006

Bring Him Home

Ronan Keating, I mean. I thought his career has disappeared along with Nick Carter and Justin Timberlake. I believe it's their karma for leaving behind the boy band that made them popular. But I was wrong, and now Ronan has a new album "Bring You Home".

It's loaded with sentimental songs that are quite mellow, such as "Superman":

Don't you know I'm no Superman,
But I'll love you the best I can,
I'm just flesh and bones,
But with you I feel like flying,
Don't you know I'm no Superman,
But I'll always be your man.
Corny and mushy, yes. But it's good to just sit back and relax with his songs as they are never overpowering and fit nicely into your daily work. Good stuff.

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