29 July 2006

Reduced to a Small Boy Again

The other day after my Viva I went to Jaya Jusco Seremban 2. I wanted to look for a new pair of sports shoes as I destroyed my previous pair while in Cambodia. I bought my last pair more than 5 years ago so it was way overdue to get a new pair anyway. The problem with getting a new pair of shoes, some of you might remember, is that cheap brands do not carry my size. Since I'm never going to pay more than RM300 for Nike Air, I need to stalk around the local Bata shop to find a suitable pair.

And in fact, there is a particular pair of Power sports shoes that I have been eyeing for quite some time. More than a month ago when I took Mum to Mid Valley I spotted the RM79.99 beauty displayed on the shelf. Unfortunately they were out of size 11, which is the minimum size I can go into. I would prefer a size 12 actually, but local shoe makers don't make 12 for some lame economic reason.

Anyway, when I went to Seremban a couple of days ago, I saw the same shoe again and I quickly asked the staff to bring me a size 11! I was ready to whip out the money to pay for this but she said they were out of 11 too. That is a huge bummer but I decided to delay my purchase again.

Then as I walked past Jaya Jusco's shoe section, Albert asked me if I wanted to look there for my shoes. I was hesitant because only Bata shops carry Power shoes, and departmental stores usually stock the upper-range brands. But they were having all sorts of sales and I eyed a pair of shoes from Admiral. Don't ask me, I've never heard of that brand either but it is supposedly an "England" brand. But at RM63, I'm pretty sure the shoe was made in a Chinese sweatshop.

So I tried on their only pair of size 11 and was satisfied with it. I liked the adequate breathing space around my toes so I could wiggle them up and down comfortably. The design isn't as pretty as the Power shoes but this one will have to do, since it's RM17 cheaper as well. So I bought it.

I was quite happy buying it as it's difficult to get a good bargain for shoes that I can fit into. Along with the after-effects of Viva, something just came over me and I changed my shoes into the new one right there in the middle of Jaya Jusco. I don't think anyone really cared, but looking back I acted just like an impatient small kid who is unwilling to wait until he got home to open his new toy. However, I'm usually not an impulsive guy, so I don't really mind being uninhibited once in a while.

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Innocent^^Guy said...

ur leg very big meh?

ZemieN said...

For sports shoes, I prefer a size 12, which most local and cheap brands don't have. But 11 also can squeeze in lah.

For other shoes, 10 is usually big enough. This is because of the extra padding in sports shoes.

Innocent^^Guy said...

wan get mc donald's shoes?haha

William said...

Show size is relational to ____ size?


ZemieN said...

innocent^^guy: that joke would have been funny.... if I haven't heard it 3 times already.

william: For better or for worse, that has been proven false. I even mentioned it in my old post: Shoe Blues

William said...

I just said relational. Berkadar terus or songsang, itu lain cerita. Hehe.