12 December 2005

Car Wash

I finally decided to wash my car this morning. I haven't washed my own car for almost a year, and the last time I sent my car to a carwash centre was in June. Yes, it's been that long. In fact, my friends call my car "Proton Forest" for all those dried leaves stuck everywhere.

Upon close proximity, I notice that my car has lost its initial shine when I first got it from the original owner. I feel bad for treating my car so badly, as all those bumps and scrapes have given rise to small rust spots all over the car. Though I'm not keen on spending money on automobiles, I have decided to get a new car after I start working before my car's value depreciates any further.

P.S. I'm now going through the pictures and audio posts for my Singapore trip. I will get them up ASAP.

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