28 December 2005

The Singapore Journals

I know you are not really interested, but I'm shoving it down your throat anyway. 3 weeks ago, Dad and I went to Singapore. I usually keep a jounal of my travels, but this time I decided to go high-tech. I used my MP3 Player to record my opinions instead of writing them down. I soon found out that they are two entirely different things. So you'll hear of me getting stuck, saying bloopers, and sounding raw. That's right - this is me, unedited. When I write, I can just delete anything that doesn't sound good, but I have barely touched these recordings. It's the perfect chance for you, the reader, to get a glimpse into the real me.

Now, I gotta warn you that my actual personality can be rather dry, so I advise against downloading everything here. Read the synopsis and download those that you find remotely interesting. Along with the synopsis, I include the date and time of the post, as well as the length (minutes:seconds) and approximate file size in kilobytes. You'll find that some of the numbers skip - that's because I sometimes press the record button accidentally.

I also understand that some of you have better things to do with your time, such as paying bills and using the Internet for porn. So if you would like to listen only to the Best 3 posts, I recommend #17, #38, and #39.

Before you start, help me out by visiting my secondary school's website. Just click on the link and leave when the page loads. They have graciously allowed to host my audio files temporarily without charge. Actually, I'm the webmaster so I gave myself permission. :) At any rate, just help me boost up the hit counter as a sign of gratitude. Thanks!

(UPDATE 9/8/06: The audio files have been removed. Consequently I do not have a backup copy of this. But don't worry, I doubt you'll miss anything :P)

01: 7 Dec, 10.16pm (3:03 min) (719kb)
Introduction to the trip, recorded at the Penang bus station, talking about our travel partners Mr. C and my plans for the audio blog

02: 8 Dec, 1.40am (1:03 min) (250kb)
Toilet break at the petrol station. Talks about sleeping in the bus.

03: 8 Dec, 5.35am (2:22 min) (556kb)
Deja vu of my previous trip to Singapore, 8 years ago. Complains about my discomfort.

04: 8 Dec, 7.07am (1:11 min) (281kb)
At Johor Bahru bus station, getting on our way to immigration. Complains again about my sleep. Gave thoughts on Johor Bahru.

05: 8 Dec, 8.00am (1:59 min) (466kb)
Compares and contrast both government's immigration centre.

06: 8 Dec, 9.44am (1:27 min) (343kb)
As we couldn't check in yet to the Hostel, we had some breakfast and decided to walk around first. First impressions on surrounding areas.

08: 8 Dec, 11.20am (4:00 min) (938kb)
Describes the room which I will be sleeping in for the next 4 days, and talks about my main purpose in Singapore.

10: 8 Dec, 12.48pm (0:40 min) (159kb)
Describes the sights at Bencoolen Link and my lunch.

11: 8 Dec, 2.02pm (1:28 min) (347kb)
Describes the sights at Serangoon Road, along the way to Mustafa Centre.

12: 8 Dec, 2.55pm (1:01 min) (242kb)
Expressed my disappointment at Mustafa Centre.

13: 8 Dec, 2.15pm (1:45 min) (413kb)
Talks about the taxi ride back to the Hostel.

14: 8 Dec, 6.50m (2:30 min) (590kb)
Describes the Merlion Park, the Durian, and Japanese businessmen. Also on difficulties in framing photos.

16: 8 Dec, 8.44pm (2:21 min) (553kb)
Expressed my disappointment at the largest fountain in the world and my contentment with dinner.

17: 8 Dec, 9.34pm (4:40 min) (1095kb)
Back at the Hostel, I rant about the tiring day and my plans for tomorrow. Also a brief summary of the entire day.

18: 9 Dec, 7.20am (1:52 min) (441kb)
Early morning rant about sleeping in my window-less room.

19: 9 Dec, 8.30am (2:12 min) (520kb)
Describes a conversation I had with an Englishman over breakfast.

20: 9 Dec, 9.30am (0:52 min) (205kb)
The sudden rain threatens to spoil our Sentosa plan.

21: 9 Dec, 10.24am (0:57 min) (226kb)
Talks about the change of plans regarding the afternoon. Some rants about having to rant via audio.

22: 9 Dec, 11.25am (2:02 min) (478kb)
How do you pronounce "Outram"? Talks about Singapore's MRT system.

23: 9 Dec, 12.49pm (1:44 min) (411kb)
A noisy time outside Singapore Science Centre's toilet, being surrounded by those darned children.

24: 9 Dec, 3.40pm (2:00 min) (470kb)
Thoughts about the Science Centre and the kiasu edge.

25: 9 Dec, 3.50pm (1:04 min) (253kb)
I was mistaken as a local.

26: 9 Dec, 7.26pm (1:55 min) (452kb)
My amazement at the number of people on Orchard Road. My further amazement at my inability to buy any clothes.

27: 9 Dec, 8.55pm (3:52 min) (910kb)
How do you pronounce "Heeren"? Further rants on the expensive prices here, and how difficult it is to find dinner.

29: 9 Dec, 10.58pm (3:31 min) (828kb)
The tagline for this trip should be "A place I haven't come in years, and a place I will not come in years"

30: 10 Dec, 8.35am (1:36 min) (376kb)
Reviews plans for the day, and reflects on the photographs I have taken.

34: 10 Dec, 12.07pm (2:30 min) (589kb)
At Peninsula Plaza while Dad buys some camera accessories. And how to get a cup of Starbucks coffee for $0.40.

35: 10 Dec, 1.54pm (1:27 min) (342kb)
Posting from Sim Lim Square, the so-called IT heaven. So-called.

36: 10 Dec, 4.36pm (1:35 min) (374kb)
Nothing to do in Sentosa! More weather irony.

37: 10 Dec, 6.03pm (2:18 min) (543kb)
Stranded at Sentosa while Dad 'enjoys' Underwater World.

38: 10 Dec, 10.10pm (4.24 min) (1036kb)
Finally back at the Hostel, but nothing much to say except more complaints about the trip. Plus, what was the most memorable moment of this trip?

39: 11 Dec, 8.12am (4:12 min) (989kb)
The last day of the trip! You can hear the renewed vigour in my voice. And I talk a lot about why I don't want to backpack with Dad again.

40: 11 Dec, 11.53am (1:59 min) (467kb)
Legally back on Malaysian soil. And a review of Jet Li's English movies.

41: 11 Dec, 5.05pm (2:36 min) (614kb)
At Puduraya in transit. Talks about the terrible bus driver from SG-KUL.

42: 11 Dec, 9.24pm (1:33 min) (365kb)
Back at the Penang bus station, and what I did for the KL-PG journey.

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