24 December 2005

Speak My Mind

Recently I listened to Beyonce Knowles' latest solo effort "Speak My Mind". I think it is a good album, and I like it better than the first album. I didn't really listen to her first in full, but her singles sounded, erm, noisy. Totally not my style.

Her first single from this album, "Check It Out", sounded noisy too and it gets quite annoying at the end. I didn't really like it when I initially heard it on radio, but it grew on me and now I'm enjoying the entire album. There are many excellent slower tracks on the album, and the best way to describe it is- "A good Destiny's Child album that never was".

However, her cover version of the swing classic "Fever" is terrible. Michael Buble's version is still the best. Other than that, they are all fun tracks to listen until the next big hit.

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