27 December 2005

Zemien Tour Services

The next few days promise to be exciting: Sovatha, the Cambodian I met in Bangkok last year has come to Malaysia for a holiday. And tomorrow (Wed), he's taking a bus up to Penang to meet me. He will be sleeping over at my place, and I'll be a tour guide for two days. I've never done this tour guide task seriously, so now it's time to prove myself as a worthy son of Penang.

I find this thing hard because, as I have wrote before, locals rarely go to tourist areas. So what I'm doing is checking up travel guides on the Internet and see what foreigners recommend for Penang. Isn't that ironic? Me as a local having to rely on some foreigner's recommendation? But I have no choice, so wish me luck.

I will also be leaving for college on the 30th, and Sovatha will be following me back. Due to my packed schedule, expect no extensive updates. So to keep you company, I will finally be posting up my audio journals from Singapore tomorrow. Feel free to download one, or download all.

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Jackson Lim said...

Well I'll be enroling tomorrow, if you need any information regarding the fees or time table or anything, please don't hasitate to sms me.... haha....

good luck!