23 December 2005

Magnificent Evening

So for dinner, Dad took me out to Northam Beach Cafe (again). Joining in was Mr. C, Dad's very good friend, and EN, another of Dad's friend. EN had no idea the dinner was for my birthday until she met us, and she was chiding Dad for not telling her. I wanted as much as Dad to keep this low profile, so it was good that she didn't bring any presents.

When Mr. C arrived, he carried two boxes - a present and cake! I'm totally ecstatic in a very subdued manner. This was my third present (first was Mum's wallet and second was Dad's ang pow) and it was a Daniel Hechter t-shirt. Mr. C jokingly asked me to wear it on when I'm cutting the cake, but I took him seriously. I went into the toilet and changed into the t-shirt. It was slightly large, but comfortable.

And the cake! The cake! I haven't had a real birthday cake for 6 or 7 years! I thought this would be another cake-less year, so I actually went to the nearest cake house to get a slice of Mango Cheesecake. But I'm so glad I was mistaken - as the cake was nice. It was just a simple blueberry vanilla cake, but it nice that Mr. C thought of it. I also took the opportunity to lay on the guilt on Dad for not getting a cake all those years, but to his credit he did suggest the cake this time.

You can see me wearing the DH t-shirt posing with the cake below. After dinner, we adjourned to a club house to celebrate it. I even got a song!


It was a great evening. Not great in the sense that I had all my closest friends and family with me, but great in the sense that it's been so long since I had anything remotely like it.

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