21 December 2005

Spoilers Ahead

I hate spoilers, no kidding. This is especially true for shows that I love. There's nothing more upsetting than having someone spoil the ending or reveal an important piece of the puzzle before I have watched it. Recently, my friend C revealed the ending of The Apprentice Season 4. I have not finished watched it, so I was annoyed when he told me who won. I love the show, and I love trying to find out who will become Mr. Trump's new recruit. Having that surprise spoiled was a major bummer, but it was a good season finale nonetheless.

However, while I watching the last task I was also surprised at one of the candidate's behaviour. This is where I show myself to be a hypocrite and introduce a spoiler myself. If you do not wish to know the ending of The Apprentice Season 4, please do NOT read the rest of this post.

Anyway, I was surprised that Rendal did not have a Plan B in the event of rain. Did he not watch any of the previous seasons? In almost every outdoor task there is the risk of rain, and when you are talking about the Final Task how can you make such assumptions? Worse, he was extremely confident when asked about the weather. Cocky, I might say.

As for Rebecca, I really liked her but she made a fatal mistake of focusing too much on Yahoo! instead of the charity. It was the leverage, I feel, that pushed Mr. Trump to choose Rendal instead of her.

Needless to say, I am disappointed that Rendal was selfish. He had the chance to make Rebecca an Apprentice too, but he defended his victory by saying that "this is the Apprentice, not the Apprenti" (referring to a plural form).

It was a good season, and now it's on to Apprentice Martha Stewart.

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