05 December 2005

Tesco Cheapo

When did using Tesco products become the equivalent of wearing a T-shirt that says "I'm a cheap and stingy bastard"?

I was having lunch with a friend the other day when I pulled out my Tesco tissue paper. Immediately he chuckled and sighed, "Tesco...". Sure, Tesco products are very cheap, but does it mean it is cheap? And their product range is indeed scary. If I wanted to, I could stock my whole house with nothing but Tesco products. It seems they have everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Toothpaste, tempura fillets, floor cleaner, roti canai, batteries, cola drink, and countless others. I wouldn't be surprised to find Tesco condoms one day.

A serious side effect of this is that Tesco's competitors are being squeezed extremely hard. Having their own brand allows them to control pricing to a minimum while cutting off the middlemen while other so-called hypermarkets such as Giant and Makro still rely heavily on other manufacturers. And let's not even talk about those mini sundry shops - do they even stand a chance?

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